At our pharmacy

  • Every day is senior discount day,
  • You will enjoy the free delivery and pick up
  • Our pharmacy is for all your need in prescriptions compounding
  • We accept all drug plans
  • You can have free medications history check with our expert pharmacists
  • Price match guaranteed
  • You can enjoy our discounted over the counter items
  • We Waive $ 2 Co-payments for the seniors and ODB recipients
  • We are Fast and efficient
  • Our staff speaks English, Hundi, Panjabi and Arabic

Our Core Values

Patients confidentiality at Ihealth Centre Pharmacy is guaranteed & protected by the Ontario college of pharmacist laws and regulations ((

Sense of Urgency
We recognize our patient’s time; we minimize your waiting time to process and dispense your medication. Come check us out and compare.

Our interaction with customers is transparent and reflects high standards of ethics.

Superior Customer Service
With our knowledge and skills we provide our customers with best healthcare services.

Team Work
We cooperate with other health care professionals to guarantee the best medical options are provided to our patients.