FHO stands for Family Health Organization.

It is an initiative of the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Forming a Family Health Organization is an opportunity for you to benefit from a new range of supportive services that will make it easier to provide accessible, comprehensive primary care to you with an emphasis on prevention.

Drs. Dakhil, Dulay, Corazolla and Borkar  are a group of family physicians who are working together to give you and your family better access to quality primary services. Within this group we are able to communicate information about our encounters with each other’s patients, sending along a note regarding the nature of the concern, the findings, as well as any actions taken such as prescriptions, blood work or other tests.  This communication enables us to keep abreast of the health needs and concerns of our patients, providing continuity of care, which is an essential component of quality care.

We have instituted a number of changes at our office to provide you with the highest level of care:-

After-Hours Clinics for urgent medical problems that cannot be addressed during regular office hours:
  • Tuesday to Thursday 5-8pm
  • Saturday mornings from 9am – 12 noon
Telephone Advisory Service – accessed via Telehealth Ontario
  • Medical information is available from the FHO doctor-on-call or a nurse
  • Available evenings after 8pm and all day and night on weekends and holidays.